Wendye has been hard at work... on the computer!  Honored to be able to put pen to paper and have it published in a National magazine!


HOW TO: CLIP.  Foals, show horses, body clipping!

HOW TO:  TRAIN a Halter Horse!

HOW TO:  Market your horse for sale, or buy the horse of your dreams!

HOW TO: Train the Sport Horse!  Undersaddle, Show Hack, Dressage, Grooming...


About Wendye Gardiner

With years of experience in the Arabian world, and having worked with many notable names in the industry in multiple disciplines, Wendye Gardiner opened her own business in 2011, Solstice Training Center, LLC, in Aubrey, Texas. Solstice represents change — and that’s what Wendye has set out to do. Proving you can do it right, keeping the horse’s well being first and maintaining high standards in communication, individualizing to both horse and owner’s needs, and still compete successfully at the top level of competition without taking shortcuts. These high standards may sound impossible but she achieves them every day, and it shows in the horses’ happiness in their jobs and in their overall quiet confidence.


Wendye’s halter horses stand out due to their obvious enjoyment in their job. To them it’s a game and their delight and charisma show through bringing a special added “spark” to the showring. Wendye prides herself on the fact that her halter horses are not intimidated but show just as hard as those who are — the difference is in their happy, trusting expressions and the fact that they frequently have successful performance careers later in life.

Another “change” is that Wendye feels amateurs should have the tools and knowledge to be able to do it themselves if they have the time and desire. She greatly admires amateur owned and trained show horses, and doesn’t feel it should take tens of thousands of dollars for owners to be able to go out and enjoy their horses at a show. Even if you don’t have the time to truly finish your horse for the show, “homeschooled horses” have a much easier time adapting at the trainers and your time and money is maximized as they will advance much faster in their training, again, saving you money.