Boarding and Training Services Fee Schedule

 Update in effect 1/1/2017

Monthly Stall Board
(Limited Availability)


Monthly Pasture Board
(Limited Availability)

Includes a reasonable amount of hay and/or alfalfa and grain, bedding, twice daily stall cleaning, basic grooming and clipping, daily turnout – weather permitting.  This option is only for stallions standing at stud, or horses on lay-up or vacation.


Horses fed free choice coastal hay, and up to 2 feedings per day of high-quality pelleted grain.  All pastures have shelter and automatic waterers.  Horse will be brought in once a week and given a thorough grooming and inspection.  This option is only for training horses in vacation or lay up.

* No handling fee for Veterinarian/Farrier visits, but owner must pay Vet/Farrier directly for bill.  

**$25 escalating late fee if not paid by 5th of month


     $        500.00/mo


   $        325.00/mo.

Conditioning/ Part-time Training

Includes monthly board, work/lunge/ride 2-3 times per week, plus blanketing, basic weekly clipping, bathing, mane and tail care as needed. This option is for trained horses between show season or as needed.

*All Veterinary and Farrier fees billed at cost for training clients.

**$25 late fee if not paid by 10th of month

      $      650.00

Full Time Performance and/or Halter Training

Horse worked  5 days a week. Minimum 2-3 times weekly turnout as weather permits. Grooming/ clipping as needed.  Includes full board.bi-monthly worming, basic coat supplements.   1 lesson/ wk included at trainer's discretion.  90 day minimum for Performance, 60 day minimum for Halter.

*All Veterinary and Farrier fees billed at cost for training clients.

**Supplements, special feed, supplies will be discussed first and then billed at cost.

***$25 late fee if not paid by 10th of month



   $         750.00


Marketing Program

***UPDATE***  On a limited and approved basis only - already trained horses in for sale, includes training, marketing, care.  Sales Commission extra.  Videos, ads and basic photos included.  Professional photos can be done at $100/session.

*Must be willing to give STC a minimum 2 months to try to sell the horse to receive this deal.

***$25 late fee if not paid by 10th of month

      $      650.00


30 minutes to 1 hour depending on horse and rider’s needs, at trainer’s discretion.

     $     35.00

Show Clipping

Full face clip, includes legs and close shave on eyes and muzzles. 

No charge for Training horses

      $    35.00

Body Clip

Full Show-ready Body Clip

       $  125.00

Sales and Marketing

Commission on horses under $7000

Commission on horses over $7500

Commission on horses over $20,000

Photo shoot preparation with pro photographer

 Video or Photo session by Wendye

Advertising online

***NEW***  Marketing Package for outside horses:  Includes riding, liberty and conformation photos, up to 2 videos, sales write-up, ad placement and response coaching.  Additional videos can be made at $50/each.  Horse can be hauled in to STC for this package. *Travel possible to your farm for 3+ horses with travel costs at your expense.

*All sales are subject to commission up to thirty (30) days after departure.








Horse Shows

Includes: Horse schooled, trained, ridden, exhibited, shown as needed. Stall cleaned, horse fed three times daily. Amateur lessons given as needed. Show clipping, grooming, braiding included.
Show entry fees, shavings, hauling, pro-rated tack stalls extra and billed at cost.  Owner keeps 100% of any prize monies.

Schooling or

Class A Shows

$125/day, $450/max    


Regional Shows

 Region 9 show

Region 14 including Pre-show

$150.00 day,       $600.00 max

$ 800.00

Nationals, Scottsdale, Vegas, The Event

Sporthorse Nationals,

Las Vegas World Cup,

Egyptian Event,

US Nationals

     $    1000.00



Pre-arranged hauling of your horse:

Fort Worth Show

Glen Rose Show

Houston/Katy/Tulsa Show

SHN -- Raleigh or Nampa

Hauling to local vet or Denton Schooling show

$.75/mile roundtrip







Payment Policies

*No extra charges for leg wrapping, basic clipping, handling for vet/farrier, show decorations, braiding, etc.

*Owner to provide blankets and pay for repair if needed.  If farm blankets are used, owner will be billed for repair and cleaning.

*Special supplements or upgraded feed will first be discussed and then billed to owner at cost. 

*Multiple Horse Discounts Possible.

*Owner responsible for Veterinary and Farrier charges.

*Payment for any partial month shall be on a pro rata basis in accordance with the daily fees.

*Any delinquent payments shall bear an additional fee of $25 - $50. 

*NSF Checks will incur a $25 fee and future payment required via paypal, cash or Cashier's check.

*Payments via Paypal will be subject to a 3% convenience fee (same as Paypal charges us).

***As of 2/1/2015 we WILL be enforcing the late payment fee of $25 past the 15th, and $50 per month***